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About Oodles of Fabric

I love fabric and working with fabric. For a long time I would collect fabric and make different projects and sell at craft shows. Then I discovered the internet. No more sitting for hours at craft shows. I could just post and sell.
Oodles of fabric developed from that concept. Now I post and sell and have a ball picking out fabrics I think you, the customer, would like.
My husband was my cutter and my biggest supporter until he passed away. Now my two boys have picked up where he left off.
My younger son is my basic cutter and my older son started making quilts to spend time with me. You will see his quilts listed under handmade quilts. He does a great job and finds quilting very relaxing.
I try to carry most all of the latest fabrics from the major designers. If you would like something and it is not posted in the store, just send me an email as to what you are looking for and I will try to find it for you.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel to contact me.